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IP Phones in Edmonton for Your Business or Home


IP or VoIP phones connect to the telephone network via the Internet and are a popular choice for businesses because there is no additional phone plan cost; you only need an Internet service. Moreover, you can save on long-distance phone calls with overseas clients. 

Is your business looking for a reliable Internet protocol phone system? At International Program Service Ltd, (IPS,) we carry two product lines of IP phones.

Xplore provides reliable home phone service to rural clients. The features include call ID, voicemail, call waiting, and more.

babyTEL is a leading, innovative Canadian company based in Montreal that is trusted by the Government of Ontario, TD Bank, Bombardier, and other corporations. As a company that hosts its infrastructure in-house, babyTEL also delivers thorough customer support because their products are built in-house.

To learn more about IP phones, get in touch with International Program Service Ltd today! We offer IP phones to Edmonton customers and those in the surrounding areas.

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