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Stand Out with Custom Decorative LED Lighting in the city and rural area


Make your property stand out from the rest of the crowd on the block. At International Program Service Ltd, (IPS,) we can install custom decorative LED lighting to Edmonton-area residences and commercial properties as well as rural areas. 

Our team at International Program Service Ltd, (IPS,) proudly uses the Movilume Lighting System. It's an innovative, LED lighting solution that is customizable, weather-resistant, and energy-efficient. Shine your colours with pride, and when it’s not in use, Movilume’s low-profile aluminum track is practically invisible. Built for Canada’s climate, Movilume’s products are also highly durable, able to withstand temperatures from -40C to +50C. Perfect for Albertans!


Movilume Lighting System specs:

  • Permanent and customizable, with minimal maintenance effort required

  • Designed to resist rain, dust, snow, and hail

  • Endless variety of colours and colour combinations

  • Both static and dynamic colour settings

  • Custom iOS and Android app control

  • Materials include high-quality aluminum track and polycarbonate lens

  • Pantone or custom colour-matching available

  • Luminosity: 324 lumens per metre

  • Power: uses standard 120-volt power outlets

Ready to stand out from your competitors? Call International Program Service Ltd today.

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